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Cardinals out on Tejada?

The Athletics are trying to bring back Miguel Tejada to play third base according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

According to the paper, the Cardinals have informed Tejada's people that they can no longer afford the former Astros shortstop thanks to signing Matt Holliday to the largest contract in St. Louis history.

It's a bummer that the Birds can't add Tejada because he would be a great second place or sixth place hitter in an already stacked lineup. But it's understandable with the outlay for Holliday. Tejada was likely a part of the Redbirds' contingency plans if Holliday would have signed elsewhere.

The Cardinals apparently have $7-8 million left to address their remaining needs which may or may not include a fifth starter, a late inning reliever, a third baseman/utility infielder and outfield depth.

The team has been ineterested in brining back Felipe Lopez, who figured out of their plans last year when he demanded a multi-year contract. Eventually, he ended up taking a one-year deal with Arizona. This time around, the Birds are on the other end of the situation. They are likely waiting out Lopez to see if he comes down to their price range instead of trying to get him signed early and moving on when it doesn't look like things are going to be easy. So don't look for anything to happen on that front soon.