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Pedro Feliz... Or Pedro Guerrero?

The move to trade for Pedro Feliz has been widely mocked, including in this corner of cyber space, but the former Houston third sacker has been having a Cesar Cedeno experience since joining the Redbirds.

Feliz is 6-for-13 in a Cardinals uniform, raising the .221 average he brought to town by 11 points in three games. He's had a pair of hits in every contest he's started for the Redbirds -- and they're not cheap hits, either. Felize has reached for extra bases, hit in the clutch and smacked the ball hard each time.

I'm not sure if he can keep it up. But last season it wasn't only Matt Holliday who revived the Cardinals over the last two months of the season. Light hitting infielder Julio Lugo came to Busch Stadium and started to hit up a storm, sparking the St. Louis offense.

If he can't keep it up, Feliz has at least given Felipe Lopez a break from the pressure of playing out of position, hopefully waking his more potent bat.