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Cardinals have no chance for Holliday, Fox says

Fox Sports' Jon Paul Morosi writes that St. Louis is the best fit for Matt Holliday. But he says that's too bad, since the slugging left fielder will end up playing for the Angels, Red Sox or Yankees.

He goes over a lot of familiar ground when it comes to Holliday's Geography, the Cardinals' reputation as being insincere bidders when it comes to big free agents and the fact that agent Scott Boras doesn't seem likely to give the Birds any breaks when it comes to the final asking price.

But, beyond that, there doesn't seem to be much substance. It's just speculation that three big market teams could use a left fielder.

Well... The Yankees aren't sold that they don't want to stick with incumbent Johnny Damon who did a nice job there last year. The Red Sox hope to re-sign their 2009 left fielder, Jason Bay, for a lot less than Holliday and Boras want and the Angels not only have to decide what to do with superstar outfielder Vladimir Guerrero, they also have high priced flychasers Torii Hunter and Gary Matthews junior under contract...

Of the three, I think the Angels are the biggest threat to the Cardinals hopes to re-sign Holliday. But. Morosi's story completely discounts the fact that the Cardinals gave up the class of their farm system to get Holliday and they may be more motivated than usual to get something done. They also have a ton of money coming off the books and an unusual amount of flexibility.

Morosi does say that he doesn't think the Mets are that interested in Holliday, so that's a little bit different.

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