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Edmonds wants 400 ABs, fielding offers from other teams

The Jim Edmonds comeback is officially on, according to Fox Sports, which reports that the former Cardinals All-Star is no longer limiting himself to only wanting to play in St. Louis.

Edmonds agent, Paul Cohen, said the 39-year old outfielder still thinks he is capable of being a platoon player and "while he still has an affinity for the Cardinals" as many as six teams are interested in his services.

I'm glad to hear the confirmation that others think Edmonds is still a viable player at his age. But I can't imagine that if he really wants to play for the Cardinals this sort of talk is helping.

First, Edmonds repeated on Sunday his claim that he would play for the Cardinals for the major league minimum. That has to be appealing for the Cardinals who only have about $7.5 million left to fill four roster spots. Any thought of a bidding war is going to poison the chances of Jimmy Ballgame coming back to the Cardinals before they get off the ground.

Second, the main reason Edmonds was traded from the Cardinals in 2008 was because he was unwilling to accept a reduced role as the team tried to clear playing time for Colby Rasmus. Edmonds harbored enough resentment for St. Louis that he supposedly passed over several other offers when he was released by the Padres later that year to sign with the rival Cubs so he could "stick it to" his former team. So it would have to scare the Rebirds front office to hear that Edmonds has upgraded his view of himself from fourth outfielder to platoon player.

Who would he platoon with? Matt Holliday with his $120-million contract or Ryan Ludwick and his average of well more than 100 RBIs in the last few seasons? Cohen said Edmonds' goal is to reach 400 career homers from his current mark of 382 and that Edmonds wants 400 at bats in 2010. That ain't going to happen here.

While it was a great thought to imagine Edmonds as something of a latter day Willie McGee, returning to the Cardinals for a lovefest of an encore, it seems like the works have officially been gummed up.