Cheap Seats

Opening day openings

It's a startling development and a sign of a crossroads for the Cardinals that they apparently have ample tickets available for opening day.

They used to let season ticket holders buy extra opening day seats before they went on sale to the general public. You could get in, but the pickings were slim, usually in the upper deck. That practice disappeared in 2005 with the demand for tickets for the last year at old Busch Stadium and it had never been back before this season.

I checked the pre-sale yesterday and tickets are not only available... they're plentiful. And all over the park. That can't be good.

I'm sure the Cardinals will say it's the economy. And I'm sure that plays a part in it for at least a couple of reasons. First, people are being forced to give up non-essentials because they are losing their jobs or suffering cutbacks. But, second, The Redbirds jacked up their already high ticket prices for the occasion, and it costs $27 freaking dollars for a standing room ticket.

Major League Baseball may have really painted itself into a corner with its spiraling prices over the years. It's easy, when you're thinking about what you can cut from your budget, to target the $200 pricetag for a night for four in mediocre seats at the ballgame. It sure seems like a lot of money for three hours of entertainment.