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Worrell claims to be healthy

Former Cardinals pitcher Mark Worrell claims to be back to normal after missing the 2009 season due to Tommy John surgery.

Worrell, no relation to Todd Worrell either by blood or pitching talent, was part of the swap that brought Khalil Greene to the Cardinals.

The Padres are bringing back the sidearmer slowly. They plan to start using him in spring games about half way through March.

The Cardinals 2005 Minor League Pitcher of the Year, Worrell had an extremely high opinion of himself and was disappointed that the know nothings who led the Redbirds to the World Series title in 2006 couldn't see what a great talent he was.

When asked by The Cardinal Nation blog in Dec. 2008 about his major league debut in 2007 in the midst of a great Class AAA season, Worrell had this to say:

"Like you said, I pretty much dominated all season. You saw the stats themselves, it is ridiculous the chances and opportunity they have given me over the years. Just look at every year how well I’ve done. For this team not to give me the opportunity or just 13 days in the big leagues, I felt like it was kind of a slap in the face."

When asked about his future with the Cardinals, Worrell continued:

"To be quite honest with you, I was hoping they would get rid of me. I would like to be given a fair chance. They haven’t given me a fair chance at all. Every year, I’ve put up great numbers, out battled my competition, and up to this point I have nothing to show for it but 13 days in the big league. With almost any other team, I think I would have had a real shot."

And, finally, when asked about not being called up in September 2007, Worrell said:

"It was really disappointing. My last 13-to-14 appearances I didn’t give up a run, perfect. I guess perfect isn’t good enough for the Cardinals."

Worrell summed up his St. Louis stay:

"It is a ridiculous that an organization won’t give a guy like me a chance. I have absolutely dominated at almost every level and I have been at Triple-A for two years now. I have said all those other things in interviews but now I am just going to go ahead and speak the way I feel. I am tired of serving as a back up; I feel I deserve better than that. I know that I am just as good or better than anyone other reliever in the league. I would just like to get an opportunity somewhere and I really don’t see that with the Cardinals."

Good luck with that, Mark.