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Bay to Mets: Give me five

The New York Daily News reports that the Mets are refusing to budge on their four-year, $65-million offer to former Red Sox outfielder Jason Bay.

The Mets feel like they don't need to bid against themselves with no other known suitors out there for Bay since Seattle traded for Milton Bradley to fill its outfield opening. But Bay remains stuck on getting a fifth year that would push the value of the Mets' offer to $78-80 million.

I really wish this deal would resolve itself because, until it does, the Mets could always shift gears and decide to try to ink Matt Holliday instead. The Daily News reports New York doesn't want to go five years because they question the "athleticism" of Bay. The question is, do they like Bay better than Holliday or do they just think that Bay would be cheaper?

If the Mets did add a fifth year, the offer would be about equal -- at best -- to what the Birds already have on the table for Holliday. If Holliday really prefers to play in St. Louis, wants to play for a winner and wants to stay out of the media spotlight, you'd have to figure the tie breaker is in the Cardinals' favor. And, if that's not enough, we could start splitting hairs about what a dollar will get you in St. Louis compared to New York...

If the Mets could complete their deal with Bay, that would just about kill any leverage Bay has for trying to get a better deal... Unless the Yankees or the Red Sox do something completely unexpected.