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Mark Fidrych found dead

What a sad, sad day for baseball.

Former Detroit pitcher Mark "The Bird" Fidrych has been killed at the age of 54.

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One of the most colorful characters in the history of the game, Fidrych's gem against the Yankees in 1976 was featured on MLB-TV over the weekend. The pitcher was known for his antics on the mound where he would talk to the baseball between pitches and would mime throwing the baseball several times before actually throwing the pitch.

Apparently he had an accident while working beneath his pickup truck.

The news comes on the same sad day that Phillies broadcaster Harry Kalas died while getting ready to broadcast a game against the Nationals.

According to the Associated Press:

BOSTON (AP) — Former All-Star pitcher Mark "The Bird" Fidrych has been found dead in an apparent accident at his farm in Northborough, Massachusetts. He was 54.

Worcester County district attorney Joseph D. Early Jr. says a family friend found Fidrych about 2:30 p.m. Monday beneath a pickup truck. He appeared to be working on the truck, Early said.

The colorful right-hander was the American League rookie of the year in 1976 when he went 19-9 with a 2.34 earned run average. He spent all five of his major league seasons with the Detroit Tigers, compiling a 29-19 record and a 3.10 ERA.