Cheap Seats

What, me worry?

Interesting comments yesterday from GM John Mozeliak about how he is perplexed by Redbird rooters' concerns about the home team. After all, he argues, they are fighting for first place...

Yeah, I'm thrilled to be closer to the top of the standings than the bottom. Especially when our most financially significant off season acquisition is mired on the disabled list with a social anxiety disorder -- not to mention a .200 batting average.

But, as we like to tell our frenemies on the north side of Chicago, MLB doesn't pass out trophies in June.

And here are a couple of interesting facts: 

The Cardinals reached the eight games over .500 mark on April 27. Since then they are nothing more than a .500 baseball club. The Birds were 10 games over .500 at 17-7 on May 1 when they were four games out in front of the National League Central pack. Since then they are 14-16 and they needed to win Thursday to regain a share of first place.

Mo says the Cardinals are greatly improved over 2008. But they actually have a worse record than last season at this point.

June 5, 2008:  35-25 (10 games over .500)
June 5, 2009:  31-23 (8 games over .500)

Also, keep in mind that the Cubs have been playing without their best RBI man, Aramis Ramirez and Carlos Zambrano has spent a spell on the disabled list.

It is not ridiculous to believe that as the weather gets hot, the competition will heat up, too. So, lets get moving and get a slugger so Albert Pujols sees a pitch or two in the strike zone after the All-Star break.

The longer you wait, the higher the price of in-demand talent is going to get... And the less value the Cardinals and their fans will get for their baseball bucks.