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Cardinals fans should root for the Yankees

It's good for baseball that the Phillies were able to extend the World Series to a sixth game last night with a win at home.

It will be the first time the Fall Classic has lasted as long as six games since 2003 when the Marlins surprised the Yankees to take the title. So the drama and excitement of watching the championship go down to the wire is a welcome change that could only stir up additional excitement in the National Pastime.

That being said. I hope the Yankees hang on to win.

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Yankees slugger Hideki Matsui singles in the ninth inning, but New York's rally fell short and the Philles stayed alive in the World Series. AP photo.

When the Yankees fall short of the only acceptable outcome of a season -- winning the World Series -- their ownership takes out the checkbook and gets all crazy. And, since the most coveted free agent on the market is Cardinals outfielder Matt Holliday, we need to keep the Bronx Bombers all nice and satisfied with their big, shiny trophy and their own free agent, Johnny Damon, back in pinstripes for another year or two...

Taking the Yankees out of the equation could do wonders for keeping Holliday's pricetag down to earth. The Mets are known to be a suitor. But they don't have the payroll flexibility the guys in the Bronx do. So if New York competitiveness doesn't enter the picture, the Mets will likely make a more reasonable bid. The other team to worry about, the Red Sox, seems more interested in keeping their own free agent left fielder, Jason Bay, in town.

The Cardinals hopes to re-sign Holliday seem to bank on the idea that his agent has an overinflated idea of what the slugging outfielder can command and who can afford to pay it. With the Red Sox holding firm at a rumored $60 million over four years for Bay, it would seem that the $90 million over five years the Cardinals could seem to afford to fit in their payroll would be more reasonable than the $180 million Mark Teixeira scored from the Yankees last season.