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Rumor Mill: Ryan Freel

The Cardinals are getting much more than they expected from Joe Thurston and Brian Bardon so far this season... But that doesn't mean that the team should overlook opportunities when they present themselves.

That being said, the Baltimore Sun reports that it is not official, the Orioles are shopping Ryan Freel. He's only hitting .133 in extremely limited duty so far this season. But Freel could help the Cardinals all over the field and at the plate with a much needed right-handed bat.

He hit .298 last year with the Reds, and Freel is a high energy player who leaves it all on the field. he would be a great fit in the Cardinals lineup and in the clubhouse. He also seems like a great Tony La Russa type player because of his eagerness to play where ever needed and as much as possible.

Freel makes $3.3 million and the O's are mostly looking to rid themselves of his paycheck. So it would probably take little talent for the Cardinals to pry him away. And, by an amazing coincidence, the team reported Thursday that it has sold 2.9 tickets so far this season and looked like it will sell close to 3.2 million in 2009. So, enough of the recession excuse.

And then can we talk about getting some pitching help?