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Baseball, daddy!

Another spring training trip is in the books.

If you've been thinking about making the trip and have never done it, I highly recommend it. There isn't anything that I can think of that is better for the soul of a baseball fan.

The Cardinals lost three of the four games I saw and I couldn't care less. It was beautifully warm and sunny and there were ballgames going on. What more can a person ask for.

The trip has become something of a reunion of my friends who have moved away, so it's good to hang out with the buds again.

I don't travel much during the summer. It's the spring training trip that is really my thing. And, while it was more than 40 hours of driving, staying at four different hotels and riding in the car with a cranky two year old, I think this was the best trip ever.

My trip was made on the first day in Florida when my son saw the players run out of the field and said "Baseball, daddy! Baseball!"