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ZIPS projections for the 2010 Cardinals

Although I don't personally put a lot of stock in that sort of thing, the ZIPS projections are out for the 2010 Cardinls... Or at least for the roster as it stands now...

Here's a projected lineup just for argument's sake... Since we know that manager Tony La Russa doesn't use a regular batting order even IF these are the players who will start on opening day.

2B Schumaker  .299BA  .355OBP   6HR  75R   49RBI

SS Ryan          .274BA  .326OBP   4HR   59R   37RBI

1B Pujols         .333BA  .442OBP  40HR 109R 138RBI

LF Holliday       .308BA  .387OBP  26HR 104R 125RBI

RF Ludwick       .282BA  .348OBP  26HR  74R   97RBI

CF Rasmus      .260BA  .327OBP  15HR  74R   65RBI

 C Molina         .289BA  .352OBP   7HR  42R   42RBI

3B Freese        .265BA  .326OBP  13HR  57R   33RBI

If that's the way things play out, I'd take it. Albert Pujols is expected to put up numbers that should make him competitive for yet another MVP award, Matt Holliday is expected to do the job for which he is being paid -- hitting over .300 and with the consistency and power needed to protect Pujols in the batting order... Ryan Ludwick's batting average is projected to bounce back and he is a valuable power source and run producer once again. But, because of his recent injury history, he's only expected to play 138 games.

David Freese is expected to put up decent enough numbers to hold down the starting job at third base while Brendan Ryan and Skip Schumaker are expected to be consistent with last season's performances.