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Brewers say they will tone it down

The Brewers have pledged to drop their annoying hot dog routines, according to a report by's Jon Heyman.

Players on the squad said they think it's time to respect the game a little bit more and stop harking off their opponents in the process.

"We all respect the game," Brewers star Ryan Braun told Heyman. "There is no reason to give other teams motivation."

In addition to their shirt untucking routine after a walk-off win, which supposedly is designed to represent kicking back and relaxing after a hard day's work, the move would include dropping the bowling pin routine Prince Fielder pulled last season when his team mates gathered around home plate to meet him after a big homer. And when he leapt into the air and jumped on the plate, they all fell over backwards as if Fielder bowled them all over.

That display earned Fielder a spring training plunking last week from Giants lefty Barry Zito.

"We were getting some bad vibes -- just the way people came after us," Corey Hart told Heyman. "We don't want negativity surrounding us. We're not trying to upset anyone. But some teams look at it negatively and some fans did, too. We don't want to give other teams a reason not to like us. There's a lot of old school guys out there who might look at things differently."

Manager Ken Macha said the decision to drop the hot dog routines was unanimous. I wonder if new Brewer Jim Edmonds, who has been on the other end of a few of Milwaukee's displays, had anything to do with the decision to drop the showboating...