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Catching roster

Happy pitchers and catchers report day. Yesterday we did a quick rundown of the pitching candidates. So, it's only fair we follow that with their batterymates:

4  Yadier Molina -- 5-11, 230, 27YO (R)... Nobody is going to take Yadi's job away. He's the best catch and throw guy in the National League. Originally a liability at the plate, over the last three seasons he has been a .290-plus batsman.

19 Matt Pagnozzi -- 6-2, 205, 27YO (R)... He's got the right name -- but maybe not the right bat to become the Cardinals starting catcher. Still, Pagnozzi is a nice depth guy to have at Class AA Memphis. And he may have a future as a major league backup.

21 Jason LaRue -- 5-11, 205, 35YO (R)... He doesn't hit like he did in his heyday with the Reds. But LaRue calls a good game, the pitchers like him and he hits well enough that he allows manager Tony LaRussa to give Molina a break every once in a while. Barring a sudden decline, LaRue is probably a pretty safe bet to make the team.

67 Bryan Anderson -- 6-1, 200, 25YO (L)... He seemed like a can't miss prospect a couple of years ago. He isn't going to make anyone forget the great catchers in history behind the plate. But he has a pretty good bat for a backstop. That came to a screeching halt last season when Anderson fought injuries and hit only .245 at Class AAA Memphis. He seems to be headed back to Memphis to polish his defense and try to re-establish his bat.