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Glaus: What a waste of $11.25 million

I can't speak to whether he gets his chicks for free. But it appears that for the entire 2009 season, Troy Glaus will get his money for nothing.

The Cardinals have shut down their long lost third baseman indefinitely because of a bulging disk in his back that was apparently not detected when the shoulder injury that scuttled his season up to this point was found 3 1/2 months after the end of the 2008 campaign.

There is a remote possibility that Glaus could return sometime in September if all goes well. But what is the point of that? He hasn't bothered to come to St. Louis all season except to wave his little cap on opening day and then to have his shoulder and back looked at in the last week. Let him go back to his Arizona home where he is rehabbing so effectively that he can't throw a baseball seven months after having his shoulder repaired, and call it a contract.

It's time to turn the page and think about players that could actually help the Cardinals try to make the playoffs.