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Cardinals at Cubs, July 12

I'm not much for moral victories. I much prefer actual victories.

But, with the up and downs of the Cardinals season thus far, I'll take a split on a Sunday in Chicago.

The Cardinals were able to save a good road trip from becoing a bad one by nabbing the nightcap on national television. The result was that they won four out of seven games on a road trip to face their top two division rivals. A loss would have let the Wee Bears gain two full games in the standings. The win kept them from gaining an inch during a four-game set.

Kyle Lohse looked pretty shaky in the first game, which was his first game back after a month of missed starts. But Adam Wainwright confirmed that he is getting into a groove with another very strong outing.

Speaking of players getting into grooves, Ryan Ludwick went 2-for-4 in the first game and then hit a pair of homers in the second to prove he has his swing going once again. Is it a coincidence that Ludwick seemed to be the only Cardinals batter who got that Cubs hothead Carlos Zambrano gets off of his game when he becomes aggitated?

While most Redbirds batsmen seemed to be eaget to run up to the plate to make an out, Ludwick kept stepping out when Zambrano was getting ready to pitch and the resultes were obvious. He stepped off the mound and stomped around. When he finally pitched he overthrew the ball and sacrificed control and movement of his pitches.

Cardinals Stars of the Games: Ludwick gets the accolades in both games with Wainwright a close second in the night game.

Lowlight: The umpiring was terrbile. The men in blue blew a call on a forceout at the plate in game one and called a diving attempt a catch in the ninth inning of the nighcap when the replay showed the ball had obviously shorthopped into the fielder's glove. Fortunately, the miscues didn't change the outcome of either game. But they easily could have...