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Umps lash out at Yanks, BoSox

An interesting story in the Record of Hackensack in which umpire Joe West and members of his crew call out Yankees and Red Sox players for being arrogant, rude and generally acting like they are above the rules.

While the allegations are almost certainly true, at least on some levels, how can West's crew be allowed to umpire Yankees or Red Sox games -- especially when they aren't playing each other -- now that he has publicly announced that he holds a grudge against Boston and New York players?

The dispute occurred over MLB's directive to speed up games. And the dispute boiled to the surface on several occasions during New York's recently completed opening series at Fenway Park when umpire's refused to give players time out when they asked for it or stepped out of the box when they were at the plate.

It's a shame baseball has allowed this dispute to become public because it's a black eye to the game. If the commissioner's office wants games to be faster, it should enforce the rules itself. If players don't pitch quick enough or stay in the batter's box, suspend them for a game without pay.

I guess faster games have their merits. But I have never said aloud or to myself "Boy, that would have been a great game if it was 15 minutes shorter..."