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You never bring me Flores

If the Cardinals are in need of some lefty bullpen help, old hand Randy Flores is available.

The Rockies ran the veteran southpaw though waivers and found no takers. So it appears that he will be given his unconditional release later this week if no one makes a trade for him before then. Flores is 2-0 with a 2.96 ERA in 47 games this season. He's played for Colorado since the Cardinals let him go in 2008.

St. Louis could be interested in lefty help if Dennys Reyes doesn't come back soon from a strained elbow. Reyes said he would only need a couple of days of rest, but thing seem to have lingered on longer than that. He hasn't pitched since giving up two hits and a run in one frame Aug. 15. And that was his first appearances since Aug. 3. I think maybe Reyes is worse off than the Cardinals let on...

Reyes has been remarkably inconsistent this year, compiling a 3.94 ERA in 32 innings spread out over 50 games.