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Phillies fan gets zapped

If you watched the Cardinals game last night on Fox Sports Midwest you saw catcher Yadier Molina grin at the plate while the announcers told you that there was a doofus running around on the field.

They wouldn't show it because operators of TV stations believe the publicity only encourages similar behavior. But the doofus in question became national news when his galavanting ended at the end of a police officer's taser. Shocking.

So, here it is for your viewing pleasure:

A lot of people seem to think the Tasing was an excessive use of force. But I think, in this case, showing the video is a public service in that it may discourage people from disrupting games in the future... Unless they like to get lit up like the Griswold family Christmas tree, that is. I especially like the part when the doofus's arms stretch out like a party favor as he is getting zapped.