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Taguchi called up to Cubs

An old friend will be on hand this weekend as the Cardinals host the Cubs at Busch Stadium.

Former St. Louis reserve outfielder So Taguchi, who has toiled away the season at Class AAA Iowa, has been added to the Wee Bears expanded September roster. Presumably, he will add some outfield depth with Chicago left fielder Alfonso Soriano struggling with knee problems.

Taguchi, who appeared to be at the end of his rope during his last days in St. Louis, hasn't done much to change that perception since then. He spent last season buried deep on the Philadelphia bench -- although he did collect a second World Series ring for his efforts. The Phillies let him walk as a free agent and The Guch signed a minor league deal with a chance to make the Cubs roster in spring training. Instead he has been struggling to hit .250 in the bush leagues. So, no such luck.

But I don't know if the Wrigley Field fans wanted to see too much of a guy who hit an improbable home run there a few years back to help the Redbirds come from seven runs down to beat Chicaco in front of a bewildered home crowd.