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Weekend double play at Ozzie's

If you are looking for some Cardinals collectibles, you might want to head out to Ozzie's in Westport this weekend for one last hurrah at the Wizard's eatery.

It's too late to get a steak or some wings at the closed restaurant. But you can get still get ahold of some of the autographed photos from the walls, not to mention the glasses, plates and cooking equipment.

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Ozzie Smith lays out for a grounder on the artificial turf at old Busch Stadium

The auction of sports photos and other collectibles starts Saturday at 10 a.m. while the supplies and that sort of thing are to be sold starting Sunday at 10 a.m.

Smith's restaurant closed last week after 21 years in business. Its operator filed a lawsuit against operators of West Port Plaza claiming that the opening of Albert Pujols' restaurant in the complex violated the terms of Ozzie's lease agreement and ultimately led to the demise of the eatery that bore the former Cardinals shortstop's name but was not owned by him.