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Lohse injured

Kyle Lohse underwent an MRI Thursday night after injuring his knee on a play at first base.

He said he felt it pop when he tried to stop suddenly while fielding a throw that was behind him. The Cardinals describe it as jammed or twisted. But they described Chris Carpenter's degenerative nerve problem as a biceps strain at the time he injured himself in Chicago last season.

Lohse pitched the rest of the fifth inning, but he didn't look comfortable and he wasn't particularly effective. He was pulled before the start of the sixth.

If he is going to miss more than a start or two, the Cardinals are really going to find themselves in a jam.

Brad Thompson is 2-0 since being demoted to Memphis. But he earned his way out of the majors by pitching poorly. Mitchell Boggs hasn't done anything in chances last year or this to show that he is a major league starter and P.J. Walters got blasted Thursday in a mop up role. Kyle McClellan has been good in relief. But if he is taken out of the bullpen, who will take his place?