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Glaus working in the outfield

Okay, so my thought that maybe the Cardinals would want to try Troy Glaus at second base when he returns shortly from a season long stint on the disabled list wasn't well recieved.

I thought it was a no-brainer. You have a third baseman with some experience in the middle infield who can't throw the ball all the way across the diamond. So, you move him closer and get his big bat in the middle of the lineup. And that's not even mentioning that you have an outfielder with limited defensive abilities playing second base now...

But I think it's a little better idea that what the Cardinals are actually doing... Putting Glaus in left field during rehab games to see if the career infielder who can't throw could be a fit there.

On the up side, Glaus couldn't be any worse than Chris Duncan with a glove. And, although he has only hit .238 in Class A Palm Beach, it's hard to imagine his offense being much worse, either. But I still think it would be smarter to move Skip Schumaker back to the outfield -- where he is a plus defender -- and let Glaus see what he can do at second.

Glaus is moving up to Memphis as he continues his rehab, and he is expected to play more often in the outfield there.