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Lugo traded

The Cardinals have traded Julio Lugo to the Orioles. They player they will receive in return is not immediately clear.

Unless the player is a pretty decent late inning reliever, I'm disappointed. Lugo is a good player who could have delivered a ton of production off the St. Louis bench. But it doesn't seem like that is the case when the return is the proverbial "player to be named later."

Lugo was hitting .242 this spring for the Cardinals. He hit .280 last season for the Red Sox and Cardinals. He was picked up from Boston in exchange for Chris Duncan in a controversial deal that irritated Duncan's father, St. Louis pitching coach Dave Duncan who temporarily left the team following the swap.

One of the reasons I hate to see Lugo go was his pricetag. The Red Sox were paying $8.6 million f Lugo's $9 million paycheck leaving the Birds responsible only for the major league minimum. You can't get any cheaper than that for a veteran bench player...

More later.