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The best team of 2000-2009

AOL's Fanhouse is running a column that proclaims no one can even challenge the Red Sox as the premier team of the first decade of the 21st century.


Sure, Boston was the only team to win two World Series in that span. And that isn't an accomplishment to sneeze at. But forgive me for arguing that the Cardinals have a pretty impressive resume, too.

St. Louis won its division six times and made the playoffs seven times from 2000-2009. The Cardinals won a pair of National League pennants and avenged their loss to Boston in the 2004 Fall Classic by destroying the Tigers in 2006 to win their 10th World Series championship. They only had one losing season in the decade and won 100 games in a season twice.

Despite their pair of World Series trophies, the Red Sox only managed to win their division championship ONE TIME in the last decade: 2007. They finished in second place in the American League East eight times and third once. The Yankees finished first in the division eight times, finished second once and third once.

So, if one title makes the difference, the Red Sox certainly have an argument as the team of the decade. But it's hard to claim they are beyond compare when, if the Yankees could have won just one more game in the 2004 ALCS, Boston would have been laughed out of the conversation.

If things were an eyelash different, the Red Sox would have one title while the Cardinals or Yankees would have been the team that won two. And since Boston can't match up to either team's regular season accomplishments, they would be third -- at best.

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