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Cardinals vs. Reds, April 30

Sometimes you win

Sometimes you lose

And sometimes... It just rains

It was a really nice night at the ol' ball park Friday night for the first few innings. And I am never one to want to leave early... But tornado warnings, lightning and metal bleachers aren't a good mix.

Two and a half hours later the game still hasn't resumed. But the Cardinals have announced the game won't be "called" even if it can't be completed tonight. It has been decided that if it can't be completed that it will be resumed tomorrow before the team's planned game against the Reds.

That's a good thing since the Birds led most of the way only to see Cincinnati take a 3-2 lead as starter Brad Penny tried to pitch in a downpour just before the game was stopped.

Hopefully, the Cardinals can rally in the three innings they have left and get a long awaited win.