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Cardinals vs. Twins, June 28

So the Cardinals have an outfielder playing second base and a second baseman playing third and they trade for a guy who has been a starter at both second and third.

Where do you play him? Left field, of course.

Still, the St. Louis fans who have been clamoring for the Cardinals to make a move for more than a year, were happy to see DeRosa anywhere in the lineup. He got a standing ovation when he made his first appearance as a Redbird. And he made a spectacular catch to show his talent and versatility.

I don't think DeRosa is a cleanup hitter for the longterm. But he may very well give the Cardinals a shot in the arm after Albert Pujols and help hold the fort until some of the other hitters come around.

It is nice to hear the Cubs players and fans gripe about DeRosa coming to St. Louis after the Jim Edmonds mess last season and the Aaron Miles signing over the winter.

There isn't much else to say about the 6-2 loss the Birds suffered during DeRosa's first game. They couldn't hit in the clutch and the pitching was bad enough to put them in permanent catchup mode.

Cardinals Star of the Game: Jason LaRue managed two hits when the rest of the Cardinals offense seemed to take the day off. It is impressive how much he contributes in a very limited role as Yadier Molina's backup behind the plate.

Lowlight:Khalil Green was 0-for-3 at the plate with a pair of strikeouts and an error in the field. It seems his social anxiety has cropped up again... That even overshadows Joe Thurston's constant baserunning gaffes.