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Mets fans shouldn't have to take this

Their high-dollar team plays in a brand spanking new $900 million ballpark, but all is not well it Metsland.

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It seems the New Yorkers are miffed about the great injustice they were forced to endure Sunday afternoon that they booed as former Cardinals third baseman circled the bases as he circled the bases following back-to-back homers with Brian Schneider. And who can blame them? They were robbed.

It seems the mechanical apple in centerfield that pops up when the home team hits a homer just isn't as fast as the old one at Shea Stadium was. And, as a result, it couldn't reset fast enough after Schneider's homer to be ready to pop up for Tatis' bomb. Sure, it eventually got set and re-emerged in honor of Tatis' accomplishment... But justice delayed is justice denied, and the Mets fans want the home team to know that they we're going to be subjected to this sort of mistreatment.

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This is the goofiest home run celebration in baseball. Seriously, people, it's a big fake apple on a platform. Just shoot some fireworks like they do everyplace else and get over it.