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Cardinals at Royals, June 20

I'm glad the Cardinals were able to pour on the offense late in the game and fend off the Royals 7-1 on Saturday. But the game was much more in doubt than the final score would seem to indicate.

It's the little things that drive me nuts. Chris Carpenter was dominant all day Saturday in Kansas City. He allowed a double with two outs in the eighth -- only the third hit he surrendered all day -- and gets yanked with a 3-0 lead so Trever Miller can pitch to a lefty Royal.

What happens? Miller walks the guy and before you can say "low hanging fruit" the tying run is at the plate.

Franklin comes in and gives up a single to make it 3-1, then gets an piece of cake grounder to shortstop where defense replacement Tyler Greene kicked the ball like Pele. I thought Carpenter's head was going to explode as he looked on in the dugout.

The Cardinals knew the Brewers were losing to the Tigers and had a clear shot to take first base. And it's like they didn't want it. Fortunately, they added one insurance run to open things up, then Khalil Greene hit a three-run job for his second homer in as many days to bust it wide iopen.

The win secured the first time since 2006 that the Cardinals have defeated their cross-state "rivals" in the season series. But, more importantly, it kept the ball rolling after the Cardinals took two of three from Detroit.

Cardinals Star of the Game: Carpenter is making a nice case for himself as Cy Young candidate if he can stay healthy.

Lowlight: Joe Thurston has three hits in his last 29 at bats.