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Jays attracting lots of trade attention

If the Cardinals are trying to make a deal with the Blue Jays for pitching or middle infield help, they're not the only ones.

According to the Toronto media, the Blue Jays have declared themselves open for business as far as fire sales go, and teams across the major leagues have come to search for bargains like ants descending on a picnic. Most rumors seem to center around Jays bullpen pitching. The most interesting of those known to be on the block is closer Kevin Gregg.

Gregg became the closer earlier this season when Toronto faltered in the late innings. But he has experience earlier in games, which could make him attractive as a setup man to teams that already have an accomplished finisher.

The Cardinals, as I previously mentioned, might be able to use Gregg in the bullpen to make Kyle McClellan available to move to the rotation. But they could also use him as an alternate closer to Ryan Franklin who wore down last season in the stretch run, supposedly from over use.