Cheap Seats

Mets talking Smoltz

The Mets remain hot and heavy after 2009 Cardinals hurler John Smoltz as they try to add at least one more starter to their mix.

The New York Daily News reports the club is mulling over Smoltz, Jon Garland and Ben Sheets and that its front office hopes to make a decision soon.

I would guess the Mets would be the most likely destination for Sheets because they are probably the most desperate team AND they have money to spend. New York fans seem to be underwhelmed with the club's signing of Jason Bay instead of Matt Holliday, it's failure to improve the catching ranks and, most glaringly, the failure to improve the starting rotation.

Sheets would be a high risk, high reward sort of pickup. But it would be a lot more glamorous than Smoltz or Garland. New York fans already watched Tom Glavine get chewed up and spit out. Why would they want his equally worn down teammate from the glory days in the 1990s? Think Rick Sutcliffe or Fernando Valenzuela in a Cardinals uniform.


It appears the only way that Smoltz finds his way back to St. Louis is if there are no other takers and, subsequently, his price comes down quite a bit.