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No room for Smoltz?

I'm starting to wonder if John Smoltz is going to pitch at all in 2010.

It would seem that it is Smoltz's choice to pitch for the Cardinals. He seems to be waiting around for them to exhaust all other moves while sitting on offers from the Mets and Nationals. Last week the word came out of New York that the Mets were becoming pessimistic about signing Smoltz because his preference is to play for St. Louis... But the Cardinals signed Rich Hill to compete for their fifth starter job and it just doesn't seem like they have the money or the will to re-sign the 43-year-old hurler.

Smoltz apparently still has the stuff and the desire to pitch. But his health is too much of a question mark to justify a significant investment. The only way I can see him come back to the Cardinals is if he is willing to take $1-$1.5 million to be a righty set-up man. But I'm not even sure that he can pitch on back-to-back days with his tattered shoulder.

If he came onboard as a reliever, Smoltz might get his wish to start if there is an injury. But that's probably the only way it's going to happen in St. Louis short of finding out the Mississippi River is fed by the Fountain of Youth.