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The market for first basemen

An interesting story in the Providence Journal lays out the market for first basemen after the 2011 season in response to the $125-million contract Philadelphia gave its first sacker, Ryan Howard.

The story says that the market it limited because few teams can afford Albert Pujols, Prince Fielder and Adrian Gonzales. But it names the Cubs, Mets and Red Sox as potential suitors for the superstar sluggers.

The Cardinals are speculated "to do whatever it takes" to keep Pujols, according to the article. But, while I believed that to be the case not too long ago, now I'm not so sure. Team leaders have made pronouncements in recent months about not being able to afford Pujols and Holliday on the same club (which I think is a load of bull.) Sometimes I think they're trying to prepare Cardinals fans for the unthinkable...

I couldn't think of any more loathsome possibilities than Pujols ending up in a Cubs, Mets or Red Sox uniform. Ack.

Click here to read the Providence Journal story.