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Cardinals acquire DeRosa

The Cardinals have won the derby to acquire Cleveland super utility man Mark DeRosa.

Perhaps the most sought after position player on the trade market, the Cubs were said to have been interested in DeRosa, as were the Yankees, Marlins and several other clubs.

The price was closer of the future Chris Perez who could replace another former Cub on the Cleveland roster: Struggling reliever Kerry Wood. The Cardinals will also send the Trible a player to be named later.

The Cardinals needed to make a move. And DeRosa would probably fit best in the lineup as the teams everyday second baseman. But he can also play third, short and the outfield corners. Troy Glaus, the Redbirds former All-Star third baseman has missed the entire season so far with a shoulder injury. He is expected to soon be back on the roster, but it remains to be seen whether he can play third base because, while he can hit with his healing shoulder, he can't throw very well at this point.

DeRosa was hitting .270 with 13 homers and 50 RBI. He's 34 and can be a free agent at the end of the season. Perez is 24 an has a 4.18 ERA in 23 2/3 innings. He has 30 strikeouts and 15 walks.

Because of Perez's potential and the short term of control the Cardinals will have over DeRosa, the deal could raise a few eyebrows. But the St. Louis offense has been awfully inconsistent lately, so it should help to add a guy who is a clutch hitter even if he isn't a cleanup type guy who can protect Albert Pujols. But there was intense internal pressure lately from Pujols and the fan base to make a move to prove the Redbirds front office is serious about contending.

The deal for DeRosa could spell an end of the Cardinals rumored intensive pursuit of Oakland slugging outfielder Matt Holliday, who would be that cleanup guy they so desired.

Supposedly the Cardinals were willing to part with Perez or fellow bullpenners Jason Motte or Kyle McClellan and outfielder Ryan Ludwick to get Holliday. But I wonder i the team would be willing to send Perez away and then deal away ANOTHER important part of its bullpen, too.