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Ludwick deal imminent

Ryan Ludwick has apparently canceled his trip to Arizona for a Tuesday arbitration hearing because he is confident a compromise agreement is imminent.

No word on whether the deal is for a single season or a multi-year contract. But Ludwick told that an agreement is down to the final details.

It probably would have been hard for the Redbirds to argue their case that Ludwick is worth $2.8 million when that is slightly less than the amount they agreed to pay Rick Ankiel when Ludwick hit 12 more homers and drove in 42 more runs than his fellow outfielder.

As I have said repeatedly, I'd love to see the Cardinals give Ludwick and Ankiel three year deals and give this team some stability in the outfield. Then they could let Chris Duncan, Brian Barton and the other cast of suspects go on their way. Add a second baseman and a pitcher or two and you have a pretty decent team for as much or less than the 2008 payroll.

CF Schumaker/Rasmus (L)

2B Hudson (R)

1B Pujols (R)

LF Ludwick (R)

3B Glaus/Wallace/Freese (R)

RF Ankiel (L)

SS Greene (R)

C Molina (R)