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Pujols out of World Baseball Classic

It's official. Albert Pujols is NOT playing in the World Baseball Classic.

And thank God for that.

I know players want to represent their respective countries. But, if I had a $16 million a year job, I think I would be more concerned about that than playing in a tournament for free in the name of national pride.

With his bad elbow and his foot problems, he needs to save his throws and his steps for when they really count. And, although Pujols could probably roll out of bed and swat one over the boards, I hate the idea that they hold the World Baseball Classic during the middle of spring training.

There are those who believe Juan Encarnacion's Cardinals career was ruined because he injured himself playing in the classic. It set him back in 2006 then forced him to have surgery that kept him out of the beginning of the 2007 season... The Cardinals can't afford to potentially have the same thing happen to The Meal Ticket.