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Are Wrigley faithful pennant racists?

Cubs off-season acquisition Milton Bradley, who made a heckuva first impression when he got ejected from the game in his first Wrigley Field at bat, is at the center of another Wrigley Field controversy before his spot on the roster even had a chance to get warm.

He is boycotting the Chicago media following the publication of a Sun-Times story that questioned if Bradley, an African-American, was wary about playing in Wrigley Field in front of fans who are perceived to be amongst the most racist in baseball.

"Wrigley seems like the last place an African-American player with such a well-traveled reputation for confrontations would choose to sign a multiyear contract. In the last five seasons alone, Cubs outfielder Jacque Jones and pitcher LaTroy Hawkins said they were the targets of racist taunts and fan mail. Jones also said in 2006 that he became the victim of racial slurs and threats on his cell phone when the number got out.

Former Cubs manager Dusty Baker said that same season that he received enough threatening, racist mail in Chicago that his wife and young son no longer would attend games."

-- Sun-Times columnist Gordon Wittenmeyer

Wittenmyer also points out that Angels outfielder Torii Hunter had the Cubs on his no trade list when he was with the Twins because of their fans' reputation as racists.

Those northside confines don't seem quite so friendly all of the sudden. 

Read the Chicago Sun-Times column here:,CST-SPT-cub15.article