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Phillies make a push for Oswalt

According to ESPN's Jayson Stark, Philadelphia is trying to shore up its tattered pitching staff by pursuing a deal for Houston's Roy Oswalt.

The Phillies saw Jamie Moyer go down to injury Tuesday night and ace Roy Halladay has struggled lately, so things may be getting a little bit desperate. Philadelphia is reportedly willing to swap right fielder Jayson Worth to a third team to gather prospects needed to make the deal.

Philadelphia, if it can afford to take on Oswalt's $16-million contract, could be an ideal landing spot as far as the Astros are concerned. A boatload of prospects for a rebuilding club could help Houston turn around fast. But does Oswalt want to pitch in the Phillies' bandbox of a ballpark?

If the answer is no, the deal is off thanks to his no-trade clause.