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Cardinals at Dodgers, Aug. 18

It looked on paper like a mismatch, with Dodgers ace Chad Billingsley facing off against Cardinals inexperienced emergency starter Mitchell Boggs.

And that was exactly how it played out in real life.

After a good first couple of frames, Boggs got tagged in the third and fourth innings for a total of five runs and the Cardinals ended up losing 7-3. But, on the bright side, the suddenly hapless Wee Bears were beaten again by the Padres to allow St. Louis to maintain its six-game lead in the NL Central standings.

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Cardinals Starter Mitchell Boggs reacts to giving up another Dodgers hit in the fourth inning. AP photo.

The Cardinals have a much more favorable matchup today with Adam Wainwright, who is amongst the league leaders in wins at 14-7 with a 2.62 ERA against Clayton Kershaw (8-7, 2.91).

Kershaw, a southpaw, gave the Cardinals fits last season. But they aren't nearly as vulnerable to lefties in the Holliday-DeRosa-Lugo era as they were back then. So, hopefully the Birds can take two of three in Los Angeles and leave no less than one more game ahead of the Cubs than they were when they got there.

Cardinals Star of the Game: They didn't do much with the bats Tuesday. So let's take this opportunity to tip the cap to Brendan Ryan's defense. What a happy accident it has been that Ryan finally got a chance to show what he can do on an everyday basis.

Lowlight: I could go the easy way and mention the five runs Boggs gave up on nine hits over four innings pitched. But he's was basically taking one for the team. So It would have been nice if the Cardinals could have created a little bit more offense and helped him out a bit. But the first four hitters in the lineup were a combined 1-for-15. You're not going to win many games like that.