Cheap Seats

If the season were to end today...

Home Field Advantage

Dodgers   93-65

Phillies     90-66   1 1/2

Cardinals  90-66  1 1/2

Wild Card

Rockies    88-68

Braves     87-70     1 1/2

If the season were to end today, The Dodgers would have home field advantage throughout the playoffs. But they wouldn't be able to play the wild card because they are both teams from the same division, the NL West.

Philadephia owns the tie breaker on the strength of their four wins in five games against the Cardinals this season, That means the Phillies would play the wild card Rockies and the Cardinals would lose home field advantage to the Dodgers.

If the Braves pass the Rockies the Cardinals could face a very different picture. The Dodgers would play the wild card, Atlanta, while the Cardinals would be the road team in a match-up with the Phillies.