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Here's my nit-picky comment of the week:

I've noticed that when they're on the road, several of the Cardinals younger players are wearing their uniform incorrectly. St. Louis wears Cardinals red sleeves under its uniform tops, boys. Not the navy blue that Brendan Ryan and Colby Rasmus have been sighted in.

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Aaron Miles shows what the Cardinals uniform is supposed to look like. Brendan Ryan is wearing the wrong color sleeves, Navy blue. (AP photo)

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How it's supposed to be done, per Stan the Man Musial.

I know in Rasmus's case, he's wearing a compression sleeve on his elbow, not a long-sleeved tee shirt. But you can't tell me the Cardinals can't find one in red instead of blue. But if they can't wear a long-sleeved shirt over it.

Major league rules have always directed that teams wear sleeves of their primary uniform color under their tops. And, last time I heard, the Cardinals' is red.

I think the grey with blue caps and red numbers and sleeves looks super. With navy, the road uniforms look bland.

And now about those long pants...