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Cardinals @ Padres, May 25

Oh, I'm so glad I stayed up late to watch the Cardinals flail their bats helplessly until the bitter end.

If ownership is going to continue to press for teams of the future to be built on homegrown players, at some point someone is going to have to teach prospects to make contact, move runners up and score small ball type runs.

Instead, the Cardinals out-hit the Padres shot themselves in the foot to end every offensive chance they had. Meanwhile, Adam Wainwright struck out 12 and allowed one run in seven innings only to lose 1-0. I sure hope the St. Louis "hitters" treat Wainwright to dinner. I'd say it is the least they could do... But we see every night what the least they can do is.

Pretty much all you need to know about this game is that the Cardinals had the bases loaded and one out in the first only to see Colby Rasmus strike out for the second out and David Freese to whiff for the third. Completely bogus.

Cardinals Star of the game: Wainwright.

Cardinals Play of the Game: Right fielder Ryan Ludwick had a nice catch just before crashing into the wall. If he wouldn't have made the play, the Padres likely would have scored a second run. Who would have figured they only needed one?

Lowlight: The 5-6-7 hitters in the St. Louis lineup, Rasmus, Freese and Tadier Molina, combined for six strikeouts Tuesday night. Freese had the only hit between them in 10 at bats and they combined to strand 11 runners on base.