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Boras backlash

I'm sure he didn't mean to. But maybe agent Scott Boras did the Cardinals a couple of favors when he first claimed that his client, Matt Holliday, deserved a contract similar to the $180-million deal Mark Teixeira signed last year with the Yankees and again when he called the Redbirds out for crying poor.

It seems that it has caused something of a backlash in some of the big markets where they have the kind of cash to drive Holliday's payday into the stratoshphere.

In addition to his comments that St. Louis doesn't count as a small or medium market, Boras had more derogatory comments to make about baseball owners in the Boston Globe.

“We’ve seen a number of teams that are just sitting back,’’ Boras told the Boston Globe. “We have clubs who aren’t successful getting $80 million before they ever sell a ticket. The question is always going to be, in the end, what are they doing with that money? For most of them, they’re paying off their debt to purchase the franchise. So they become owners, debt-free, but they have not done a lot to contribute to the success of the game.

“The fans have to look at it and realize that kind of revenue is available. The other part of it is I think we’ve proven time and time again that investment in players produces revenue streams and success points for franchises. Even in an economy where many businesses are struggling, in our industry, as I said last year, we’ve been able to keep revenues at a record level.’’

Um, yeah... Accordint to Boras, the fans have to understand that it is our job to pay $50 for a ticket and $10 for a beer so you and a bunch of men playing a child's game can become insanely wealthy. And we need to hold the feet of the wealthy owners to the fire for you to make sure that happens. Personally, I would like to see a salary cap, revenue sharing and a healthy rollback in prices at ballparks across the country. How about that Boras?

Anyway, back to my original point. The Mets were thought to be the team most likely to bust open the bank and sign Holliday to a giant contract. Now they are looking at pitcher John Lackey and versatile speedster Chone Figgins instead. The Globe, which covers another high dollar potential destination -- the Red Sox -- predicts that Holliday won't get anything close to Teixeira's $180-million deal.

It seems that Boras has forced owners into a corner where they jack up baseball's ridiculous salary structure even more and he gets to say I told you so... Or they back off and let him swing like the Yankees did with Alex Rodriguez two years ago before inexplicably giving A-Rod a $275-million deal when they knew no one else was willing to even get into a bidding war. Hopefully this time owners will stick to their guns.

According to the Globe:

So the logical conclusion is that this offseason may be like last offseason. John Lackey, Matt Holliday, Jason Bay, and maybe Chone Figgins will make good money, though a National League general manager said of Holliday, who stands to be the highest-paid free agent, “Won’t get what Mark Teixeira got. No chance. Lackey may get A.J. Burnett money, but I’m not even sure anyone would go that high.’’

Sports illustrated recently predicted that Holliday won't even get $100 million... So, back to the Cardinals and their supposed $96-million offer.

Mr Boras, the ball is back in your court...