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Cash: No Holliday for Christmas

Yankees GM Brian Cashman said today that his team doesn't plan to pursue Matt Holliday (or Jason Bay) despite the opening in left field created when he traded Melky Cabrera for Javier Vazquez.

"I will continue to look at any remaining piece, but it won't be a big piece," Cashman said during a conference call to discuss the Javier Vazquez trade. "Any speculation about some high-end player who has big ability and dollars attached on a large scale would be inappropriate."

Sounds good... If you can believe anything anyone from the Yankees front office says.

Which you can't.

The Vazquez pick-up pushes New York's payroll to $198 million. Supposedly the Yankees were going to cut it $185 million but that has already gone out the window... Now, supposedly, the new target it $200 million...

Until another irresistable piece comes along, that it...