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The Case for Carp

Was Chris Carpenter snubbed by not being selected to the All-Star Game?

Sure, he missed a month with a rib cage injury. But when he has been healthy, which has been the vast majority of the time, he is putting up arguably the best numbers of his career.

He's 6-3 with a 2.32 ERA, but could be 8-1 with some run support. Really, he has only had one clunker of a start all season. Carp has struck out more than five times as many as he has walked (58 whiffs vs. 11 walks -- or less than one walk per nine innings pitched.)

I can understand why Carpenter didn't make the roster. But if he pitches as well as he has thus far for the rest of the season, he deserves consideration for a bigger prize: His second Cy Young Award.