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Yankees won't re-open talks with Damon

According to the New York Daily News, the Yankees will not revisit talks incumbent left fielder Johnny Damon to fill their suddenly open left field job.

No word on if that's because of burned bridges, finance or a feeling that they could do better. But I hope the Yankees are just irritated with Damon's agent, Scott Boras, since he also represents Matt Holliday.

The Yankees like to stick it to the Red Sox by signing their former players -- like Damon -- so maybe they will set their sites on Jason Bay.

Bay has been an RBI machine in the American League, even if he doesn't hit for the average of Matt Holliday. I also wonder if Holliday's poor performance in the 2009 playoffs will do anything to scare off New York.

The Yankees send Melky Cabrera, who was penciled in to play left field, to the Braves Tuesday for starting pitcher Javier Vazquez.