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Fox Sports: Yankees enter Holliday Fray

With Curtis Granderson in the fold, the Yankees are now focusing their sights on Cardinals left fielder Matt Holliday, according to Fox Sports.

If this is true, which is an admittedly big if, the Redbirds might as well push the eject button and head for plan B.

Whether or not the Yankees plan to meet agent Scott Boras' demands remains to be seen. But if Boras was successful in drawing other teams into the bidding, it's probably going to take longer to sort this all out than the Cardinals can afford to wait.

Boras will wait until other options like Jason Bay are off the board and then pit the Red Sox and Yankees against each other in a testosterone-fueled fight over pride. And if the Cardinals aren't careful, they're going to end up with no clean-up hitter, no fifth starter and no bullpen or bench help.