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Update on the Holliday-Bay market

It looks like the Red Sox aren't going to be able to re-sign Jason Bay. But, according to Fox Sports, Boston seems uninterested in pursuing Cardinals free agent Matt Holliday instead.

Ironically, the Red Sox seem to think that Holliday isn't enough of an improvement over Bay to justify his higher price tag. But the seeming abandonment of Holliday by the Red Sox has to put a serious dent in the Holliday market.

Boston seems to be the only big market team that seemed to be interested in pushing hard for Holliday while the Yankees have been luke warm on the subject and may have been threatening to go after Holliday to create some leverage with their own free agent left fielder, Johnny Damon. The Angels, Mets and Dodgers have all passed on Holliday because of financial reason as have the smaller budgeted Giants.

Still no word on what Holliday thinks of the Cardinals initial offer. There was talk of getting an answer within 48 hours. But there has also been talk that a decision might not come until mid-week.