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Rockies think Lopez will sign in St. Louis

The Rockies signed Melvin Mora to be their utility infielder, at least in part, because they thought the Felipe Lopez is leaning toward signing with the Cardinals.

According to the Denver Post, Lopez likes the idea of getting to compete against rookie David Freese for the starting third base job. And, even if Lopez doesn't win the competition, he surely will get a ton of playing time as a Mark DeRosa sort of super sub.

It remains to be seen if Lopez is a foregone conclusion to sign with St. Louis. But the Rockies gave the same reason for signing Mora over Orlando Cabrera: They thought he preferred to sign with another team, namely the Reds.

They were right on that one. He inked a deal with Cincinnati a few days ago.

Of course, with Scott Boras as Lopez's agent, you never know if he might sign with a team in Japan just because they were willing to pay a little bit more...